Mural Design

Idea - Concept - Sketch - Realisation




A small picture can change an entire room including its atmosphere and energy. Yet, the effect of a picture having been painted directly on a wall is even more profound as it endows the room with its very own characteristics and thus becomes creative itself.

This powerful impulse emerging from a mural can be used effectively.


Imagine a mural in a conference room inducing its members to consent more easily or inspiring them to find new ideas - brainstorming murals, as you might call them.

Or imagine a mural which is helpful to resolve a dispute.

Or a mural in the lobby of a hotel that supports communication.

The range of ideas and their creative effects is endless...



The murals I make endow rooms with an aligned energy. More precisely, each mural carries a certain intention that influences the people in a particular room positively.


Individual colour combinations and form arrangements can therefore evoke relaxation, inspiration, and concentration.



Art speaks for itself - even without words. Art makes use of imagination and is thus a universal language like love. Due to its visuality, art does not have to be explained.

Art helps to establish cross-cultural connections: Members of all nations, cultures, social classes and sexes can enter a dialogue between the art work and themselves as well as between each other.


The way I am working resembles a long-term process. The designs I develop are always the result of how I experience the conditions given by a room, and what people tell me about their life in the rooms and also their needs and wishes.


Hence, an individual concept is made for any imaginable type of room. This very concept is orientated toward the needs, interests, and preferences of the people living and working there; toward the architectural features of a room / building / surrounding, and the quality of light and colour.

  I work with a great variety of materials but wherever possible, I use environmentally sound colours and plaster.  
The permanency
of murals, particulary outside, can be achieved by use of silicate.